Hi i’m Ben Pavlovich, welcome to my personal blog. Here’s a little about me:

When I was 19 I backpacked across Ecuador where I took Salsa, Scuba Diving, and Meditation classes. I returned with an Advanced International Diploma of Spanish from the University of Salamanca.

After returning I started my first company “BAK Cases”. A designer phone case product with the functionality of a wallet. After numerous prototypes we eventually posted it on Kickstarter and after receiving over 100% of our funding goal we launched our first run. Our phone cases have been shipped all over the world, are in numerous online stores, and received amazing feedback from our customers.

I spent the years after in numerous sales jobs. I have sold everything from door-to-door, over the phone, in person, B2C and B2B. I was fortunate enough to get a job at the Largest VW dealership in Colorado after turning 22. There I went on to mentor under one of the top salesman in the country and some high level managers in the business. Because of this I went from making $2K a month to well over $10K and became the top salesman by my 5th month. During my time there I trained new employees on how to sell effectively on the phones, handle internet leads, and won a sales presentation competition.

My current work involves owning an Italian restaurant in North Denver with a few friends. I run the online ordering channels, marketing analysis, and help make the greatest pizza in the city.