Sell more cars with Social Media


After taking a year long hiatus from car sales i have returned with more vigor and creativity than before. I just finished my first month back and ended the month with 18 cars. Not too shabby. When I first started I had an idea of branding myself as “Beetle Ben” and becoming the #1 VW Beetle expert in the country. I squashed it and never really pursued any sort of social media branding until last month.

In December I created the avatar “Ben Your Car Friend” and utilized Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Below are my results


Purpose: Target local searches with vehicle walk arounds and send clients personalized videos to stay fresh in their mind.
Action: 8 Videos
Result: 214 impressions

Notes: One video alone received 159 views and was not sent to any customers directly. My guess is this is from organic searches and good keywords. The car is a brand new model so it makes sense why it would draw more attention than lets say a video about a used Acura RDX.

How to improve: Make more videos as they take less than 5 minutes to upload. In addition focus more on popular car models that are guaranteed to receive more views.


Purpose: Create a hub for customers to follow me and stay in touch
Action: 12 posts containing videos, images, and reposts.
Result: 44 impressions

Notes: Definitely not impressive numbers. I have invited zero people to follow any of my channels which manifested into sub par results.The best post was a Volkswagen Jetta walk-around video that was liked and commented on by someone i work with.

How to improve: Invite people and have customers “like” my page when I sell them a car. Every video and picture should be sent to Facebook as well.


Purpose: Create high quality images for FB and use local hastags to generate more leads.
Action: 10 posts
Result: 40 followers 151 views

Notes: Without a doubt the easiest social media platform for engagement. Again I have never asked anyone to follow me but somehow more and more friends discovered the page and began following me. I received 5 comments, many from people I didn’t know, and over 40 views on a video loop.

How to improve: Post a minimum of 1X per day. Instagram is so easy to use that I should just make it a habit to post as much as possible. In addition I need to link my FB page so every picture gets posted there also.


Facebook for dealerships

Starting January 1st I became an editor on the Dealership’s Facebook page and plan on helping them grow there audience. I posted my first picture yesterday of a Beetle with some cool imagery.

Reach: 473

Engagement: 6 reactions, 5 shares

Clicks: 12 photo views, 7 other clicks


In addition it performed better than 95% of posts on the page. A success in my book. Since we already have a social media team I don’t feel the need to post daily but will aim for 3x/week. That won’t take much time and I can even cross post on my personal page also.


Closing Thoughts:

After a quick google search of all the local competitors in the Denver area I realized an enormous opportunity exists. No one in the car business is really doing social media right. With a team of commission only salesmen and highly paid managers it makes sense why no one takes this seriously. If I purchased a dealership today I would focus exclusively on branding and marketing. Why is my dealership different? I don’t care about being #1 or having the lowest price. I want to resonate with people on an emotional basis. Avis car rental “trys harder”. 2nd place doesn’t hold them back and neither should it do the same to your company. What if every person who buys a car from your dealership is entered in a raffle? Even from the beginning of time they are still entered. Every car they buy gets them another entry. The prize? A car of course! Maybe its a prepaid 3 year lease. Regardless I would drive an extra 2 hours to buy a car from them if I had the small chance one day to maybe win a car.

How to Learn a Language While Travelling


When I turned 19 I took a break from school to go explore the unique country of Ecuador.  In roughly 4 months I received an Advanzado Diploma from the Univeristy of Salamancia Spain. Which basically means on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being fluency) I received an 8. Do I feel fluent? Hell no. But I was able to travel all over the country living in hostels by my lonesome self and have a Spanish-speaking girlfriend. To me that equals success, but fluency is a whole other ball game. For those currently traveling and looking to add some new things into there game or  considering reigniting there language abilities try these 4 things. Continue reading

Seeking Enlightenment: An Instructional Guide


The 4th day I was done. I thought off running in one direction and never looking back. I could forever end another 2 hours of sitting in one spot shaking uncontrollably while being told to “let go”. My back pain was borderline severe and I was losing my mind….5 hours later I am staring at a pond in complete bliss. I am so mesmerized by what is in front of me my legs collapse and I fall to the earth staring at the dusk sky in awe. Everything was perfect and nothing mattered.

The summer of 2013 I spent 10 days meditating for an average of 10 hours per day in practice called Vipassana. We ate vegan food and studied Buddha’s life work: The Steps  to Enlightenment.  The concept of enlightenment  has awed me for years leading me to believe it was either a feat so impossibly hard that only few select people could reach it (Think  Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Eckhart Tolle) or just a false hope. After time spent at the Vipassana Retreat I believe I found the answer.

  1. The Practice Method

By spending time through extensive sessions of meditation you unlock a new sense that was once thought to be unknown. It is what I call a state of Hyperfocus. In this state you are so focused  and present that every single one of your sense are magnified. Colors become more vibrant and detailed Sounds will be amplified to the extent you can hear bugs crawling through the grass. You will also be in a mood of extreme relaxation. This is not to be confused with sleepiness. When you are in this state it can actually be difficult to sleep but will yield Alpha Brainesque dreams.  This state of Hyperfocus may only last for 5 minutes but it will be just enough leaving you begging for more. There is a reason Eastern Philosophy calls this your real form of living.

2.  The Chemical Method

2 days before leaving to the retreat I experimented with Psilocybin with my fellow friends. We spent the day sitting at the beach and understanding the intricacies of life.  During my trip I saw perspectives that closely mirror those of my time meditating.  A dissolving of the Ego and a separation from modern society.  The one concern with this method is the apparent benefits go away after only a couple days returning you back to your old life.

My recommendation: Daily meditation with yearly Vipassana Retreats/Psilocybin trips.Take immediate and permanent action to your life once the time has passed to secure any life changing realizations.

Don’t Start Dieting Until You Read This!



fat loss


I just finished “Why We Get Fat and What to do About it” by Gary Taubes last week and WOW is all I can say. In terms of “diet” books it is definitely the most controversial one I have ever read. 4 Hour Body is definitely up there but the outlandish claims Tim made were at least somewhat justifiable. On contrast, this book led me for the first half waiting for how he was going to prove his case. His case was basically disproving Christianity in the sense of modern health. Showing the flaws in the Calories in Calories Out mindset in regards to fat accumulation. As someone who grew up believing the latter I had to really open up to this idea. By the end of it I was hooked and for the past few days, following the advice given I have made some significant gains/losses/ changes in my body in regards to fat


Here are 9 things I learned from the book.


Fat Gain is from a hormonal imbalance not a caloric one

In a controlled group were two sets of rats. All with removed ovaries which in turn removes any bodily estrogen production. One was allowed to eat to its hearts content and the other was in a caloric deficit.


What happened?

The first group gained fat…No shit.

The second…also gained fat? How is this possible?

Estrogen influences  an enzyme called LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase) . LPL function is to pull fats into cells. Whether it be for fat gain or to pull fat into muscle for energy. With no Estrogen there is no means to monitor LPL and the body begins to store calories as quickly as the organism consumes them.


This leads us to the question: If LPL causes fat gain then how can we influence it in our favor?


You can’t override bodily function

You know how Squirrels get twice as cute in the winter? They get fluffier and seem to put on double their body weight basically overnight. This of course is a biological advantage as it provides insulation to face the cold winter and some minor protection for the organs.

So if I told you they conducted a study and let squirrels eat anything they wanted it wouldn’t surprise you they got fatter? Well what if they were in a caloric deficit and the same happened?

Even without eliminating Estrogen the squirrels in a caloric deficit still gained fat? Now let me clarify they still lost weight. The requirement for the squirrel to gain fat was so critical to its survival that the body stole protein from the muscles to make up for the loss of calories. They even found the body will use protein from the heart muscle to accomplish this goal of fat storage if the food conditions get too scarce.

Why does the body do this?

In reality this all makes perfect sense. If the body doesn’t store fat in the face of a caloric deficit then one bad summer could wipe out the entire species. Animals have adapted to survive in many different conditions included famine and the body will react accordingly.


Why is it so damn hard to lose fat?

Insulin is the storage hormone and is in charge of promoting glucose absorption into fat, liver and skeletal muscle cells. When glucose is low we get hungry and eat to solve this problem. This jumps our blood sugar back up and the body can go back to shuttling glucose to where it seems fit. The problem is when insulin is high the body is unable to consume stored fat for energy. Instead it tells the body to eat more. This is magnified when someone is overweight and insulin resistant. Normally when insulin levels decrease so does blood sugar and the body can resume breaking down triglycerides aka using fat for energy. When someone eats like crap for a long time and becomes insulin resisitnat the blood sugar lowers but the insulin stays chronically higher than normal. Because of this the body can never use stored fat for energy and instead the body stats constantly hungry to combat this.

When the body is in a caloric deficit it does one of 2 things (3 in a healthy human body)

  1. It makes you hungry
  2. It makes you lazy
  3. It uses fat for energy

So you can see if the body can never use fat for energy it will always choose the first 2 options. Fat and lazy. Fat people aren’t fat because they have low will power and eat all the time. They have low will power and eat all the time because they are fat.


Why are carbohydrates so insidious?

Fat is hands down the preferred source of energy for the human body.  That being said carbohydrates are much easier to break down and because glucose in high amounts can be harmful, the body uses glucose first in order to regulate blood sugar levels.

Insulin, which is most influenced by simple sugars, regulates LPL production. LPL as we said before makes fat cells even fatter.

If LPL is the evil twin then HSL is the good one. HSL or Hormone Sensitive Lipase is an enzyme that specializes on making fat cells leaner. It breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids (a good thing) and works to keep your waist smaller.

The problem is Insulin is a big bully and just a small amount will shut down any HSL progress you have been making.

The kicker here is the odds are stacked against us

Not only are the foods that we crave the most are typically the most insulin dominant. But also just the mere fact of thinking about your next meal will cause your body to start producing insulin.

Ahhhhg how do we win?

By making a conscious decision to forego the most addictive most delicious foods for healthier options. No soda, no bread, no cereal, no candy, no simple carbs.

The good thing is as the odds are stacked against us, more so for obese individuals, they are in our favor if we work out and eat right. As somoone who works out and is insulin senitive I can lose fat with relative ease compared to most people. As soon as I switch to a low carb diet my body reacts almost immediately and fat just seems to fall off me.

Just as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The lean get leaner and the fat get fatter.


How do I lose these “thunder thighs” or this “beer belly”?

Men have more LPL activity on their abdomen where women have more LPL activity on their thighs and hips. After menopause the LPL activity on their abdomen catches up to it that of men so they gain more weight there also. This is the reason men and women store fat differently. In addition when a women becomes pregnant she will experience increased LPL activity on her thighs and hips for stored fat later to nurse her baby.

Men on average have higher testosterone than women and because test inhibits LPL they usually have a lower body fat percentage. Under that assumption men can lose weight easier than girls. Not sure if this is absolutely true as I am not a girl but it may explain why you are struggling to lose weight if you are in fact a female and are doing “everything right” in the dietary sense.

In addition this is why menreact more to things like beer or food loaded with simple carbs in the stomach area.


How do you lose your “beer belly” (men) or lose your “thunder thighs” (women)?


Reduce LPL activity by eating less insulin producing food.


Why are children fat

As of more recent times we have seen children become more and more overweight even at an earlier age. With the overabundance and targeted advertising of fast food (think happy meals, a burger for $1) it only makes sense we have seen our youth affected by the low nutritional food items flooded in the marketplace.

That being said another variable should also be considered.

High insulin producing cells.

When a woman is pregnant the baby will of course be nourished by her diet. If she eats poorly we can only assume it will have less than positive consequences on her child. What modern studies have found that the more the mom eats, the more glucose the baby gets. With a higher than normal glucose the baby’s blood sugar will indeed increase and correspondingly the insulin will do the same. As the pancreas develops in the baby; the body grows more resistant he the hormone and creates more insulin producing cells. More insulin producing cells equals more fat gain.

The strangest thing about the studies that showcase this phenomenon is when it actually takes affect. Although the baby will be born heavier and have a higher susceptibility towards being overweight, the predisposition is most prominent during the middle of there lifespan.

In short, a fat mom will make a baby who is fat in there adult life

Weird huh?


This doesn’t affect everyone

This book does a great job at addressing “this is what we have found” or “this seems to work most of the time”. This not dogmatic but just a pile of studies and results. Which makes it much more valuable than most health and nutrition books on the shelves. Just like the smoker who doesn’t get lung cancer there are also anomaly’s in the world of nutrition. My roommate is this person. I will come home and see him eating a donut or frozen pizza. At the same time even when sitting down he is rocking a complete 8-pack on his abdomen. Yes it’s bullshit but that’s just how his body is.

For the rest of us mortals we need to learn to see what our body reacts the best too. Personally I have found simple carbs and sugars to be insidious. Others don’t have that issue.


You don’t lose fat because you cut calories you lose fat because if you cut the foods that cause you to gain fat


body produces more insulin and a body has a larger amount of insulin coursing its body throughout the day. Because of this the Stay hungrier as it can’t access the stored fats and causes you to be hungrier throughout the day.


We have been eating Low carb for millions of years

Researchers from the United States and Australia studied 229 indigenous tribes and monitored what there diet looked like. Here is what they found:


1 of 5 consumed 85% or more of their caloric intake from animal protein adn fat.

The average tribe consumed 2/3 of the calories from animal and 1/3 from other sources (nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc)

Only 14% consumed 50% or more plant food

Some cultures consume 80% of there calories directly from fat

So what does this show? Well for starters there is zero evidence of a successful vegan or vegetarian indigenous tribe. This either means they died out or humans have always eaten meat. It also proves Ketosis can and may be a more natural way of living. If we spent over 2 million years eating low carb then it is safe to assume we spent that time in ketosis. Under that assumption humans have been in a state of ketosis much longer then we have been utilizing glucose as the primary source of energy.

Just like how lions leave the lean meat for the scavengers in order to focus on the fattiest parts first, humans used to do the same. They ate the most calorie dense parts first and left the lean areas.


The common diseases in America are not so common in other countries

The Inuits never had breast cancer until the 1960s when they were introduced a western diet. Could there be a correlation?

Many diets such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and even some cancers are just not as common as they are here in the US. Many doctors have taken note of this when doing work in other countries.

Even in Japan breast cancer is actually quite rare. Although when one moves to America it only takes two generations for breast cancer to be as frequent as the rest of the population.

They have even scientifically proven breast cancer, colon cancer, and Alzheimer’s are all linked to metabolic syndrome.

What could this be from? The author hints that diet is a fundamental role in the health of a population and here in America we definitely have our own way of eating compared to the rest of the world.


The calories in calories out method although largely true is a grossly oversimplified rationale for an overgrowing obesity problem. The purpose of this blog post wasn’t to inculcate you to have a sense of fear of carbohydrates. The goal was to show fat gain and weight gain are orthogonal. The best way to create the body of your dreams is to avoid the scale all together and focus more on the foods you eat. Avoiding high glycemic foods (simple carbs) and eating more healthy fats is a good start.  Remember due to insulin resistance and sensitivity the fat will get fatter and the lean get will get leaner. Which side do you want to be on?

6 Things I learned Owning a Restaurant For 6 months


I purchased a pizza shop at the end of November and it has been interesting to say the least. I still have no idea what I am doing but here are a couple things I’ve learned along the way.

1. Pick up as much free money as possible

There are tons of online ordering websites out there: Grub Hub, Eat 24, Bite Squad, etc. These companies spend thousands of dollars on advertising each month to help bring customers to you. In addition they all give you tons of free stuff like pens, bags, coupons, and more. The best part? It’s completely free to sign up! In the first month of owning the restaurant we were able to increase our revenue by about 7% practically overnight by signing up for Eat 24. Grub Hub is definitely much more popular for us but it’s still free money. In addition by signing up with more online ordering platforms we have seen no slow down from our other streams of income. It’s literally free money just waiting for you to pick it up.

Here are a few online ordering platforms you can sign up for:


Eat24  (owned by Yelp)

Bite Squad (Only in select cities. Has the option to deliver food for you if you’re busy)

Orderup (Haven’t tried them yet but will be next one I look into)

Delivered Dish (Haven’t tried. More targeted for catering)

2. Take the guesswork out of recurring tasks

When the health inspector first came in he had lots of “advice” for us. Although we still passed with flying colors, we weren’t perfect. Minor things like an expired fluorescent light bulb or a run off drain that was getting dirty were not to his liking. I needed a system to keep me on my toes so these issues never happened again. Introducing “Google Calendar”! Using this app you can keep track of how often you clean certain things and set alerts when you need to take notice. I made a list of everything that needs continued maintenance and how often they need to be addressed. Some things might need to be cleaned 1x a week while others may only need to be cleaned 4x year. By setting alerts in Google I can stay focused on what needs to be accomplished on a day to day basis and take the guesswork out for non urgent tasks that still need to be addressed. Doing this will eliminate any wasted brain power from yearly inspections and let you focus on the important stuff like building your business.

3. You aMailbox_USAre not beneath door-to-door flyering

One of the things we acquired with the restaurant was 1000’s of old fliers. They were poorly designed, filled with expired coupons and displayed food items we didn’t even offer. That being said they were free and had our name, address, and phone number on them. Instead of complaining we welcomed them with open arms and went all over town flyering on our days off or during slow times. Whenever we blanketed an area with fliers it seemed we also got busier a few days later. Could there be a correlation? I decided to track how many fliers we were doing and how many sales resulted in them. Although some places we visited resulted in zero sales, others were full of new customers so the math balanced out. With our awful fliers we could expect a return of about 2.6-3.1% to result in a sale. 21-25% of those if we played our cards right became a repeat customer. I have no idea if these are terrible or amazing but this is what I have calculated so far. If it takes 30 minutes to do 100 fliers by yourself , with an average sale of $25, you can expect to gross $130-155 an hour. Not too shabby. If you have multiple people and flier for longer you can see where this begins to add up. When times are slow and you are willing to face the hot sun, flyering is a great way to bring in more business.

4. Take full advantage from your vendors.

Whether you use Coke or Pepsi, get everything you can from these giant corporations to benefit your business. We have received free neon signs, posters, banners, sidewalk signs, and stuffed animals all completely free. Yes they will have there advertising on them. But who cares? Free is free and when you are bootstrapping your way to millions it is an easy way to get some help.

Here are some ideas:

  • Get a giant banner that displays a direct message: “Warm Delicious Pizza, “We Deliver” or even “Under New Management”. Something short and easy to read for passerby’s to glance at and receive the message in its entirety.
  • Get a small chalk sidewalk sign to put outside your restaurant with funny saying, daily specials, or food related jokes. You can get a few of them so you don’t need to change the message every day and also these can be posted on your social media platform.
  • Coke will give you small stuffed bear toys which you can give to kids or as gifts to repeat customers.

5. Combat reactive behavior with daily to do lists

 After the honeymoon stage of owning a business was over I found myself slowly falling into a more reactive mode. The days began to blur together and I found myself doing the same things day in day out. A daily to-do list fixed this. If I had an objective each day on top of my normal chores I had a purpose. It reignited my passion and kept me on track towards generating new business. In order to “to-do” effectively, use a note taking tool on your phone or if you are old school like me use a small piece of paper. Then write 1-5 things you would like to accomplish. It can be hard to gauge how busy a day is in the morning so limit yourself to just a small amount of high output tasks. An added benefit is also the neurotransmitter release of accomplishing your goals. According to Simon Sinek in “Leaders Eat Last”, the mere act of having a daily “to-do” list and crossing them off after completion causes a release of dopamine.  So basically you will kill two birds with one stone by being more effective and increases your overall sense of well being.

6. Make social media less of a chore

    I’ll be honest….i hate business social media. Personal isn’t too bad but once it becomes a chore I despise it. That being said I found a way to to make it slightly less awful.



Step 1. Create a Facebook page (make sure it includes hours, contact info, and a few sexy pictures of your food.

Step 2. Download Twitter and do the same.

Step 3. Download Instagram

Step 4. Under Instagram go to link accounts and connect Facebook and Twitter.

Step 5. Take a picture and share it to both channels

Step 6. Profit!!!

Even if you feel you don’t need all 3 I still recommend getting them. Twitter is the platform I least like but if it takes a fraction of a second to implement it, why not? I post my daily specials on all 3 channels and other random posts i feel like sharing. By following this strategy I really only need to use one app (Instagram) to have a regular presence on my numerous social media platforms.

Other Social Media Managegment tools I have used:

HootSuite (Has the ability to schedule posts for future times. Good for spending an hour coming up with posts for the entire month and then not having to deal with it)

Buffer (Just like Hootsuite)

Social Oomph (Never used it but have heard good things. I believe it’s strength is Twitter) ( Used to shorten long link to just a few words. Ideal for twitter or anythiing with a limited number of characters. Not a social media management tool but very helpful none the less)


An unfavorable haircut: The emotion of buying


I got a haircut at Semions, one of my new favorite haircut places. The first time I visited: I met  the charismatic fun owner, had an amazing hairstylist, and left with a surge of confidence. This time I had a different girl. From the start something felt off. She didn’t ask for my name nor look me in the eyes. The whole cut probably lasted 5 minutes where as the one before felt like an hour. I felt rushed and there was no emotion behind the scissors as she cut my hair. This made me realize from the buyers standpoint how important putting your heart and soul into something can be. I left feeling no better than before and the word transaction came to mind. Money materialized into a haircut. If I felt this way about a $20 haircut then I must be even more conscious with selling $20,000 cars. She was an order taker not a hairstylist. I have to make sure I don’t slip into that role as well. Everyone is special and everyone deserves the ultimate experience in whatever they buy. Cutting corners in the small things may lead you to cutting corners towards the things that matter.

Keto Diet – How Many Carbs


My family and friends think i’m crazy as I shovel 10 strips of bacon in my mouth as a desperate attempt to lose weight.

That is way too much Cholesterol!

You’re going to clog your arteries!

Do you really want High Blood Pressure?

They probably are right. I am a little crazy. But in a few weeks I will have a six pack all over again. The Ketogenic Diet is just plain ridiculous. In fact it just doesn’t make any sense in conventional wisdom. Eat bacon, cheese, and butter all day and you will lose weight? WTF! Alright i’m down.

So how does it work?

When you limit your carb consumption drastically your body needs to find a way to still supply the organs with energy. It can convert protein into glucose in about a 2:1 ratio but we don’t want that. Instead we want our body to use ketones (get it…Keto diet). Ketones are produced when your body uses fat for energy. When this happens your body goes through a stage of Ketosis.


What does it feel like to be in Ketosis?

At first you will be extremely tired. Honestly it will just plain suck for the first 2 days. Then afterwards the opposite occurs. You will be filled with steady energy throughout the day. Why? You won’t have the carbohydrates highs and lows anymore.


Is it healthy?

I’m not a doctor and honestly haven’t in depth research on the sceince behind this diet. But this guy has:

In addition to the above the Keto Diet also has helped many epileptics also.



Alright i’m sold. So on to the Keto Diet How many carbs do I need?

This really depends on which model you choose from

-Cylical Ketogenic Diet (CKD)

-Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)

With Cylical I would eat less than 20 carbs daily and on Sunday go beserk eating tons of rice, noodles, beans, and chicken.

-With Targeted I would eat less than 50 daily and almost exclusively after my workout.

This is not based on academic research. Just my own personal experience with fat loss and using ketone strips.


There you have it!

4 Tactics to get your Bodybuilding Motivation Back


Get More Boybuiulding MotivationGetting back into working out is tough. It’s not fun, you’re unmotivated, and the progress doesn’t seem to speak for itself right away.  I took off close to a year from bodybuilding and had an entire full body transformation. Although it was not in the direction I wanted. My belly blew out to 38 inches and my pectoral muscles began to resemble man boobs. Not fun! Below I have added what tactics i’ve used to get my bodybuilding motivation back and stay focused on my goals.

1. Create Pain

Tony Robbins talks about the first step in changing a habit requires creating so much pain you have no other choice than following suit. Luckily for me when I measured my stomach and saw 38 inches I couldn’t believe it at first. After a second time and having someone else confirm the accuracy of it i almost puked. That alone made me drop simple carbs (breads, sweets, etc) almost entirely. 2 weeks later I jumped on keto and had my motivation back.

2. Having a goal bigger than life itself

After seeing how far I fell I wanted to get back to six-pack nirvana. The summer was coming up in a few months and I had enough time to make some pretty significant physical changes in myself. In addition I have always wanted to create a fitness information product and be a cover model. Both of these goals were big and required I be in tip top shape. I was working out for something bigger than myself.

3. Every workout counts

Instead of believing it takes weeks to see real progress in exercise, I immediately saw enormous changes. Even after my first workout in months I felt like I had gained 20lbs of muscle in just an hour. I walked around with focus and had passion for every lift. I didn’t want to leave the gym and consistently found my body tiring before my motivation did. Every lift became a drop set and I lost count of both my reps and sets. Create a huge positive outlook on yourself and you will always be in better shape than the 220lb 8% bodybuilder working out next to you.

4. Pictures and Videos

When I first became disgusted with my body I immediately began to take pictures. I knew this wasn’t my “real” physique so I wasn’t embarrassed. If anything making it look worse would only make the after picture look that much better. Documenting your progress will let you see how far you’ve come in those future dips of motivation you may experience. I have never been obsessive enough to count calories so this is my 80/20 of recording my progress.


So there you have it! Hopefully some of this helps you out and if not then get a workout partner. That is probably the easiest way to force yourself to create a workout habit. I themed this around creating personal motivation but its much easier to have someone else keeping tabs on you.   Good Luck and please share whatever you use to get your bodybuilding motivation back below.